MINOT, N.D. — Rep. Liz Cheney lost in Wyoming’s primary last night, and the Trump idolators are feeling triumphant.

Trump’s vengeance against those Republicans in the U.S. House who voted to impeach him is nearly complete. Of the 10, four opted not to run for re-election this cycle, and four more, a number now including Cheney, have been defeated in primaries .

How this plays out for the GOP long-term, punishing pragmatic and thoughtful Republicans for insufficient loyalty to a lying, dishonest cretin willing to attack the very foundations of our republic if it means he can stay in power, is yet to be seen. It hasn’t gone well so far. The Trump era saw Republicans lose control of the House, then the Senate, and then the White House.

The grip Trump and his loyalists have on the GOP will end when rank-and-file Republicans get tired of that sort of “winning.”

But for now, and for worse, the GOP is largely Trump’s party. But let’s get back to Liz Cheney.

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