With Budget Problems Looming, Gov. Burgum Needs to Call a Special Session of the Legislature to Address Coronavirus


MINOT, N.D. — Today begins another day with North Dakota’s economy, in many ways, shut down.

Some businesses continue to operate, but many are shuttered or have curtailed their operations to comply with Gov. Doug Burgum’s executive order limiting commerce, as well as further urging voluntary limits on social interaction.

These moves, agree with them or not, come with a price tag.

We’re already getting an inkling of what the economic impact will be. Thousands of North Dakotans are losing their jobs.

During a recent press conference, state officials said an average daily number for unemployment filings in the state is about 80.

On Wednesday last week, that number was 600.

It was about 1,600 on Thursday.

It was about 2,600 on Friday.

I suspect that the trend will continue this week.

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