Why should Joe Biden’s incitements to hatred get a pass?


MINOT, N.D. — One of the many, many problems with the Donald Trump presidency was the propensity of the president himself to say utterly irresponsible things calculated to engender hatred and discord among Americans.

His critics pointed out that this sort of rhetoric has consequences, and, indeed, their criticism was apt. We all watched what happened on Jan. 6 when hundreds of rioters, garbed in MAGA paraphernalia, waving Trump flags, stormed the U.S. Capitol to put violent, despicable action to Trump’s words about a stolen election.

Reasonable people understand that Trump’s myriad hyperboles and crackpot conspiracies drove his most ardent supporters to one of the ugliest episodes of modern American politics.

Shouldn’t that lesson inspire us to condemn current President Joe Biden’s own hyperboles?

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