Why are we still fighting about masks?

MINOT, N.D. — “I’m curious after reading your last column what specific study you find credible that masks are effective,” a friend asked me recently.

My answer?

I don’t care much about what studies say.

I’m sure that statement will earn me much disdain from the anti-mask crowd who are spending hours and hours of their lives ranting on the various social media platforms about masking “sheeple,” but think logically about it for a moment.

Masking requirements vary widely from place to place, and even in places where masking requirements are pretty rigorous, real-world compliance is another matter entirely. Not even some of the loudest proponents of masking like to follow the rules. Former President Barack Obama threw himself a birthday bash in Martha’s Vineyard, inviting hundreds of guests who, for the most part, didn’t wear masks even as the people who served them did.

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