Whoops: Guy In Pro-Measure 5 Ad Doesn't Actually Support Measure 5


You’ve probably seen the television ad above recently. It’s being run by the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife, and Parks, the group formed to support Measure 5.

The ad shows a number of outdoors sports enthusiasts expressing their support for the measure. Only, not everyone picture actually supports the measure.

A SAB reader recently shared with me this link to a posting on the popular outdoors forum FishingBuddy.com. In it, a guy named Clint DeVier says video of him is being used in a pro-Measure 5 ad despite the fact that he doesn’t support it:

I got a hold of Clint, who lives in Devils Lake, and asked him about the issue. He said the video was taken of him for a North Dakota Tourism Department ad (see that one here), but believes the release he signed for that video probably makes it legal for the Measure 5 people to use it.

But that doesn’t mean he likes it.

Clint is the guy in the back with the tan hat on:


“They have a right to do it,” he told me of the use of the video, “But I don’t support it. It’s too much money.”

He said he doesn’t believe the measure really does anything for hunting or fishing. He also thinks that if people want to fund things like conservation or outdoor recreation they ought to go to the Legislature.

Add this to the laundry list of deceptive advertising from the pro-Measure 5 activists. Like using a teacher who isn’t really a teacher in an ad. Or using photography of North Dakota that’s really of South Dakota. Or using an illegal push poll. Or claiming they didn’t use paid petitioners when they really did. Or forging tens of thousands of petition signatures.

Meanwhile, the pro-Measure 5 people tell us they want to “stop the lies.”

You can’t make this stuff up.