What’s the Big Deal About That Gillette Ad?


Gillette, the very expensive shaving blade company, has caused a stir with a new ad taking aim at mail behavior.

If you have seen it, here it is:

Corporate virtue signalling is inherently obnoxious, and the folks at Gillette are being a bit hypocritical given how many of their ads in the past have touted clean shaves as a way to get sexy women, but I’m not sure why everyone is so upset about this ad in general.

I watch it, and I see a call for people to be nice to each other.

Some argue the ad takes aim at masculinity in general, painting it as some inherently toxic thing, but I’m not seeing it.

You can be masculine without being a cad. You can be manly without being a jerk.

Are we going a bit overboard with criticism of men, of late? Sure. Women can be cruel, too. But that’s hardly an argument against this ad.

I have no idea if this sort of an ad will help Gillette sell more of its overpriced razor blades, but as a social message it’s mostly on point.