We Can’t Ignore What the Medical and Science Communities Have Done to Undermine Their Own Credibility


MINOT, N.D. — “Pushing back against attacks on science, Fargo doctor says people should realize their own ‘confirmation bias'”

That’s the headline over Robin Huebner’s article about North Dakota State University public health professor Dr. Paul Carson.

It’s an interesting read.

I’ve admired Carson’s advocacy in the past. He’s done a lot of work to push back on ignorance around the issue of vaccines, for example. In Huebner’s article, he decries a lack of public trust in the medical and science community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the pandemic wears on, members of the medical and science communities are being challenged and discounted with increasing frequency,” Huebner wrote.

This is a true statement, and while the trend is driven at least in part by conspiracy-addled nonsense peddled on social media and cable news, we can’t ignore what the medical and scientific communities have done to compromise the public’s trust in them.

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