Voters Have a Choice Between Trump’s Chaos or Reprisals From Angry Democrats


MINOT, N.D. — With the DNC’s virtual convention this week, the Biden campaign gave us their thesis statement for the rest of the campaign season.

It boils down to “our guy is the nice guy.”

Joe Biden will play the role of the kindly if doddering old grandpa who will beguile us with colorful stories and casually racist quips between struggles with coherence.

This will be an effective strategy. Because whatever else Joe Biden is, he is undoubtedly a nicer man than President Donald Trump, who has spent his first term demeaning the dignity of the office. And that’s saying something, given some of the White House’s previous occupants.

Democrats will sell Biden as the salve for four years worth of Trump’s chaos, and for many voters weary of the endless Twitter tirades and parade of stupid, and often mean-spirited, comments emanating from the current commander-in-chief, that will be a welcome message.

The audience for the Trump reality show is dwindling.

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