NAACP March Against Voter ID Law Requires Protesters To…Bring ID


You can’t make this stuff up.

In North Carolina, the NAACP scheduled a march to protest “racist” voter ID laws. But as one keen observer points out, they are asking marchers to bring a photo ID to participate.

That’s…pretty ironic. Is the NAACP racist against its own members? Why is the NAACP trying to disenfranchise would-be voter ID protesters from their 1st amendment rights?

Last year I pointed out a couple of instances where Native America tribes were asking voters in tribal elections to bring ID’s with them to the polls. Here in North Dakota, a tribal election on the Spirit Lake Reservation required ID’s, and in Montana a tribal election was invalidated because some were allowed to vote without identification.

It makes sense that these tribes would want to use voter identification to protect their elections from influence by unqualified voters. And, while I’m not sure why the NAACP wanted protesters to bring their ID’s in North Carolina, they clearly felt like they needed to protect their event from interlopers.

Fair enough.

But why, then, is it such a terrible thing that we would want to protect our local and national elections from vote fraud?

The foundation of our representative form of government is based on the sanctity of the ballot box. If voters get the idea that the outcomes from the ballot box are the result of fraud, and not the will of the people, we’re in for a lot of trouble.