Video Shows Two Individuals Vandalizing State Capitol in Connection to #NoDAPL Protests


Earlier today we got news that the North Dakota state capitol had been vandalized apparently in connection with the on-going #NoDAPL protests south of the Bismarck/Mandan area.

Two individuals threw oil across the limestone of the capitol building near the entrance to the Legislative chambers and left a note saying “you can’t drink oil.”

You can read my colleague Mike Nowatzki’s write-up of the incident here. I can now provide you with some video of the incident. The first part shows two individuals running across the parking lot of the capitol, and then running back away from the building again. The second part shows the inside of the capitol, but you can see the individuals throwing oil outside.

“You will notice that these videos are a little choppy,” Lt. Tom Iverson of the ND Highway Patrol told me when he provided the video. “However, that is due to them being converted into this format.”

The Highway Patrol is asking anyone with information about the incident to call 701-328-2455. So if you somehow recognize one of these people, give ’em a call.

Below are some photos of the vandalism as well.

One word of caution: We don’t actually know who did this. It could have been pipeline protesters. It could have been pipeline supporters trying to make the protesters look bad. It could also have just been a couple of random teenage knuckleheads.

Let’s just be thankful the damage to the capitol wasn’t more serious.