Video: Peaceful #NoDAPL Protesters Peacefully Threaten TV News Crew


It’s a peaceful, prayerful protest you guys.

Here’s a transcript from Bismarck-based NBC affiliate KFYR which had a news crew at a #NoDAPL protest incident yesterday, which Sheriff Paul Laney described as a “riot.”

“Who said you can come in here?” said a protester.

“Our car is over here,” said a KFYR-TV reporter.

“You guys need to go to your car and get the f**k out of here then,” said a protester.

“Don’t talk to us like that, sir. There is no need to talk to us that way,” said a KFYR-TV reporter.

“I don’t care. You don’t need to post bulls**t. Keep it moving,” said a protester.

“There were situations where people who were there – legitimate media that was there to film it – were being stopped,” said Laney.

“Do you have a press pass?” Protester

“Were being questioned as to their credentials,” said Laney.

“Put your hand in front of his camera,” said a protester.

“Who are they to ask this? They’re on somebody else’s property,” said Laney.

“Shut the f**k up. If you keep talking dude I’m going to f**king kick your ass bro,” said a protester.

Here’s the video:

Are these thugs representative of all the protesters?

No, they’re not.

But, as Sheriff Laney pointed out yesterday, there are several hundred out of the thousands demonstrating against the pipeline who are prone to violent and unlawful activities. And the overall protest leaders – including Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault, who Governor Jack Dalrymple says has lost control of the movement – aren’t doing anything to condemn or expel these elements.

Which undermines any credibility the #NoDAPL protests might have.

If the #NoDAPL protesters want to be accepted as legitimate, if they want respect for their message, maybe they need to start by respect the rights of others.