Video: North Dakota Veterans Tell #NoDAPL Veterans to Cancel Their Protest


The North Dakota Veterans Coordinating Council held a press conference today responding to news that thousands of veterans will be coming to North Dakota to serve as “human shields” for #NoDAPL protesters.

While careful to say that they aren’t taking a position on the pipeline specifically, the veterans today said they’d like to see the #NoDAPL veterans cancel their event.

It’s easy to understand why these North Dakota veterans are concerned. As I noted yesterday, the #NoDAPL veterans have issued an “operation order” for their “deployment” which describes law enforcement here as “the enemy” and encourages attendees to show up with gas masks and body armor.

It seems the #NoDAPL veterans are coming to our state not to peacefully demonstrate but to pick a fight. Which is hardly honorable.

From the press release the North Dakota veterans sent out today:


UPDATE: Morton County has also released this video of a veteran speaking out against the #NoDAPL veterans protest:

Here’s the full document:

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