UPDATED WITH PHOTOS: North Dakota Law Enforcement Says #NoDAPL Protesters Fired Arrows at Helicopter


The Morton County Sheriff’s Department held a press conference today to address the escalation in tactics used by #NoDAPL protesters over the weekend, including blocking roads and moving a permanent encampment onto private land owned by the pipeline company.

You can watch the video here:


One interesting note to come out the conference  is news that protesters were apparently firing arrows at law enforcement officials:


Morton County has said that a law enforcement helicopter was harassed by drone flown by a protester, and the cops shot down a drone as well (it’s not clear if it was the same one), but that’s the first I’ve heard of arrows being shot at police.

Remember that the reports of wounded, dead, and missing livestock from the area around the protest camps included cows that were shot by arrows.

There is no evidence that protesters were involved in those attacks on livestock, other than the proximity of the incidents to the protest camps.

Anyway, shooting arrows at law enforcement officials is a pretty serious escalation. Perhaps the most serious of the protests so far.

UPDATE: Via the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, here are photos of a #NoDAPL protester shooting arrows. These photos were taken from a law enforcement helicopter which was providing aerial surveillance of the protester road block.