Video: #NoDAPL Crybully Attempts to Deliver Letter to North Dakota Attorney General


On Twitter a gentleman by the name of Dan Rolle, from Las Vegas, describes himself as a “justice warrior” and “progressive leader.” Yesterday he, along with his 14 year old son, to deliver a letter to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office alleging “human rights violations” committed by North Dakota law enforcement against #NoDAPL activists.

What’s interesting about his video is that, despite a great deal of posturing and histrionics, he enters the capitol building, delivers his letter, and then leaves. The cops do show up as he’s delivering the letter in the AG’s office, and Rolle does allege that an officer “advanced” on his son (though you don’t get to see that in the video), but outside of that he’s allowed to enter the public building, deliver the letter, and leave.

Here’s the full, stupidly dramatic video:

Given the violence and lawlessness of the #NoDAPL movement you can hardly blame security at the state capitol for showing up to monitor the situation. But outside of security being on hand, nothing at all happens to Rolle despite his transparent attempts to instigate a situation for the video.

As it is he’s stuck with whining about law enforcement “advancing” on his son, whatever that means.

I post this video not because anybody really cares about a self-important social media activist like Rolle, but to illustrate the reality which lays at the heart of much of the #NoDAPL movement.

It’s protest theater, and people like Rolle are performers playing a role of aggressive victimhood. They’re crybullies (to steal a term) here to advance an agenda by stage-managing conflict for a social media audience.

These are the people Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault invited to his protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and they’re the people who now won’t go home even though he’s asking.