Video: #NoDAPL Demands Release of Woman Charged With Attempted Murder, Here’s What She Did


During their most recent demonstrations #NoDAPL activists have been using signs and chants to demand the release of Red Fawn Fallis.

Here’s one report of the chants from Bismarck Tribune reporter Blair Emerson:

Here’s more from a Tribune article:

Another demonstration was held outside the Morton County jail and courthouse Thursday afternoon for a female protester charged with attempted murder.

Red Fawn Fallis, 37, of Denver, was arrested Oct. 27 for allegedly firing three shots at police. She was arrested the same day law enforcement cleared protesters from private property at the “front line” camp, or north camp, on Highway 1806.

Around 1:15 p.m., protesters arrived in Mandan. Police, again, secured the entrance of the Wells Fargo building there. Instead, the protesters walked to the courthouse then circled around to the jail.

“Free Red Fawn! Free Red Fawn!” they cried out. Some carried signs with that saying.

“The day of her arrest, she was actually helping us,” said Roy Murphy, of Washington, explaining Fallis helped transport people who were maced and shot by rubber and bean bag bullets to medics.

Who is Fallis? She’s the woman who was arrested at a #NoDAPL riot last month and charged with attempted murder for allegedly firing shots at law enforcement officers. You can read the entire criminal complaint about her below.

This evening, while exploring the online demands that Fallis be released, I actually ran across video of her arrest that I hadn’t seen before. It’s very close, and quite harrowing.

Fallis is the one on the ground behind the police line.

Here’s a link to a backup copy of the video in case the YouTube version disappears. I think we can all be thankful that nobody was hurt or killed, including Fallis herself.

In the affidavit supporting the criminal complaint (again, below) officers claim that Fallis fired shots while resisting arrest. Fallis will have an opportunity to prove otherwise in court if she cares to, but based on this video it seems ridiculous that anyone would dispute the validity of the charges against her and her incarceration as a result of them.

Here’s the criminal complaint:

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