Video: This Is How Disgusting the #NoDAPL Camps Have Become


Earlier today I wrote a post about the struggle to address the hundreds of abandoned cars at the #NoDAPL camps.

With spring weather in the forecast for at least the next week or so flooding (which state and local officials have been warning about for months now) is becoming a major concern. Now this video from the folks at KFYR shows just how complicated melting snow is making things already.

Can you imagine trying to take down (illegally built) structures and haul out cars in that trash-riddled soup?

Believe it or not, some #NoDAPL activists continue to call for protesters to come to the camps.

Meanwhile, according to some #NoDAPL activists who are trying to be responsible, the clean up efforts aren’t going well. “Noting [sic] is getting done here!” this guy says.

“We dont want to wait for morton county [sic] to bring in their own clean up crew and make everyone that donated look bad for donating. There is [sic] very few people cleaning and hualing [sic] things out.

Sometimes environmentalists are bad for the environment.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has set a deadline of February 22 for the protesters to be off Corps land. At this point it’s not at all clear they’ll make it, especially with the spring melt and muddy conditions making clean up even more difficult.