Video: Canadian Official Visits North Dakota House, Gets Called A Shithead


It was a surreal day on the floor of the North Dakota House today. For one thing, most of the lawmakers were wearing Cat In The Hat headgear to honor Dr. Seuss, which is kinda weird but also kind of cool because Dr. Seuss is cool.

For another, Canada’s Counsel General Jamshed Merchant visited the chamber to address House members.

Now, that last wouldn’t normally be so weird. After all, Canada and North Dakota have a lot of ties to one another. Our state benefits from a lot of commerce and tourism from the north, and there’s also the matter of the Keystone XL pipeline. Of course North Dakota and Canada should be on good terms.

But Mr. Merchant’s name proved a difficulty. House Speaker Wes Belter stumbled over it a bit, and when the Sergeant-at-Arms announced Merchant to the floor…well, it’s best just to watch the video.

James “Shithead” Merchant made quite an impression.

The best part is the reaction from the lawmakers after it happens. I’m looking at you, Rep. Jason Dockter.

Score another one for U.S./Canadian diplomacy.