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Plain Talk: Rape Is Rape, and Congressman Armstrong Says Special Olympics Funding Shouldn’t Be Cut

Plain Talk: Rape Is Rape, and Congressman Armstrong Says Special Olympics Funding Shouldn’t Be Cut

On this episode of Plain Talk, this week a state lawmaker introduced an amendment to a parental rights bill which would have treated marital rape as if it were a unique category of sexual assault. Then he was something less than truthful about the origin of the amendment. Also, Congressman Kelly Armstrong takes listener questions

Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Special Olympics Funding Unlike to Be Cut, Enbridge Says They’re Ready for Any Protests Targeting Line 3

On this episode of Plain Talk, Senator Kevin Cramer takes listener questions on the USMCA, President Trump’s proposed space force, and the failure of the so-called “Green New Deal” in the Senate. Cramer also responded to a listener question about the Special Olympics, saying he doesn’t believe the cuts proposed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Plain Talk: Jussie Smollett and Privilege, Plus North Dakota’s New Law Holding Anti-Pipeline Zealots Accountable

On today’s Plain Talk, Jussie Smollett got away with something in Chicago. What does that mean for our notions about privilege in America? Also, state Senator Janne Myrdal (R-Edinburg) talks about her bill, now sitting on Governor Doug Burgum’s desk, which aims to hold political zealots who vandalize or impede critical infrastructure like pipelines accountable.

Video: Governor Jack Dalrymple Tells Special Session That “Belt Tightening Is the Order of the Day”

This morning Governor Jack Dalrymple addressed the special session of the legislature he convened to address North Dakota’s budget shortfall. “For now belt tightening is the order of the day,” he told a joint session of the state House and Senate. “I’m confident the people of North Dakota will be supportive of the adjustments you

Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s Gun Control Push Would Violate Your Due Process Rights

Today Senator Heidi Heitkamp joined with Republican Senator Susan Collins to propose, after the terror attack on a night club in Orlando, yet another iteration of gun control. Yesterday the Senate shot down four such proposals (video above). Here’s the New York Times describing what Heitkamp and Collins are proposing in their bill: The legislation

Video: Former Governor Ed Schafer Officially Endorses Doug Burgum Former Governor, and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Schafer has said before that he’s voting for Fargo businessman Doug Burgum in the NDGOP’s contentious gubernatorial primary. But now he’s starring in a video for the candidate. “Hi, I’m Ed Schafer, and I always want the best for North Dakota,” he says in the video.

Video: ND House Majority Leader Supports Suing Feds Over Refugee Resettlement

Earlier this month the Tennessee State Assembly voted to approve a lawsuit against the federal government over refugee resettlement. The state, which like North Dakota has withdrawn from refugee resettlement under the Wilson-Fish Act, is now challenging the right of the federal government to settle refugees within its borders based on the 10th amendment. Tonight