Turns out gerrymandering concerns from North Dakota’s left-wingers was a bunch of hot air


MINOT, N.D. — A legislative committee has largely finalized a plan for redistricting, and the Republicans who dominate that committee apparently forgot they were supposed to engage in gerrymandering.

For months the far-left group North Dakota Voters First has insisted that gerrymandering, or the redrawing of district lines to achieve specific election outcomes, was a fait accompliJim Fuglie, a former executive director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL, was circulating a plan this spring to refer to the ballot any plan passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature and replace it with a Democratic plan that would introduced as a ballot measure.

“Republicans are going to continue their pattern of gerrymandering until we have virtually nothing left,” Fuglie whined in his May missive. “They don’t just want a supermajority. They want every seat.”

Except, now that the Republican-led redistricting committee (14 Republicans, 2 Democrats) is nearly done with their work, there’s no evidence of any gerrymandering at all.

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