MINOT, N.D. — American politics have become a race to the bottom.

It doesn’t matter who you blame for it — Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi, Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow — it’s not going to end well for us unless we pump the breaks.

Last week, as it became clear that Joe Biden had won the election, I wrote a column urging our liberal friends not to spike the football.

Our nation is hurting.

We are divided.

The last thing we need is a bunch of sore winners setting a tone of acrimony and resentment for the next four years.

But why shouldn’t we dunk on the Trumpists? That’s how my liberal readers responded, pointing to the Republicans who gloated after Trump’s narrow victory in 2016 sent Democrats into paroxysms of rage.

Is that your standard of behavior now, my liberal friends? How Trump’s followers behave?

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