Trumpian Obstinance, Backed by Republicans Like Sen. Cramer, Is Making Conservatives Look Silly


MINOT, N.D. — Perhaps Donald Trump’s greatest contribution to the Republican Party’s legacy will be a shift, prompted by his rise to the presidency, from a conservatism defined by a platform of ideas that annoy liberals to simply annoying liberals.

With the budget deficit now measured in the trillions, and the bulk of his policies implemented through the sort of executive fiats that Republicans abhorred when Barack Obama was doing it, I think it’s safe to say that Trump is not a conservative.

I’m not even sure he’s a populist, though I’ve often called him that.

Trump is an opportunistic troll who has capitalized on cultural divides that existed and were widening long before his 2016 campaign.

Nowhere is this concept on clearer display than the insipid argument we’re having about masks.

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