There’s a Good Answer for Why It Took So Long for Luke Simons’ Harassment to Be Outed


MINOT, N.D. — “The North Dakota House expelled a member for the first time in its history for a years-long pattern of abusive comments toward women,” The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead wrote Thursday in an editorial. “Luke Simons’ expulsion was amply warranted, but decisive action should have been taken sooner.”

We know that now-former Rep. Simons engaged in a years-long campaign of harassment against multiple women. It has been documented going back as far as his first legislative session back in 2017. We also know that legislative leadership was contacted about Simons’ behavior, and he was counseled by the same, multiple times, to shape up and apologize.

Even if some of those asking are motivated by partisan political considerations — the strident mediocrities in charge of the Democratic-NPL are doing their best to turn the Simons situation into a dunk on the NDGOP — it’s a fair question to ask.

Why wasn’t more done sooner?

It’s actually an easy question to answer.

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