There Is Nothing ‘stupid’ About Holding Trump Accountable, Sen. Cramer


MINOT, N.D. — This week, the Senate takes up impeachment articles for disgraced former President Donald Trump as approved last month by the House of Representatives.

As you know, this is a kinda-sorta criminal proceeding that is initiated by the House issuing an indictment and the Senate serving as judge and jury.

The outcome of the Senate’s deliberations is all but assured. Not that long ago, Sen. Rand Paul introduced a motion declaring a trial unconstitutional because Trump is now out of office. It’s a ridiculous argument on its face because Trump needn’t be a sitting President for Congress to convict, but it was good political cover for Republicans. All but five of them voted for Paul’s motion, which ultimately failed thanks to the Democratic majority and the GOP defectors, making it unlikely any of them would now vote for conviction.

Still, it’s a necessary proceeding. But not according to Sen. Kevin Cramer, who called the trial “stupid” in a news release today:

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