The Supreme Court tells Americans we’re going to have to work together


MINOT, N.D. — If there has been a theme to this most recent news cycle, it’s one in which reporters and pundits, mostly from a left-of-center viewpoint, have insisted that the Supreme Court is doing dastardly things to us.

The two epicenters for this earthquake of derision are the North Dakota v. EPA and Dobbs v. Jackson decisions, which dealt with emissions regulations and abortion, respectively.

To hear our friends on the left tell it, the Supreme Court, controlled by illegitimate conservative justices, is exercising extra-judicial authority over our society.

Only, it just ain’t so. All of the justices were legitimately appointed. Democrats complain that the Trump appointees were made by a president who didn’t win the popular vote, but Bill Clinton didn’t win the popular vote before he appointed Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the court.

Yes, Senate Republicans held up an Obama appointee so that Trump could fill that vacancy, and while I think that was dirty pool and a terrible precedent for the Senate to set, it also wasn’t illegal. And, in the panoply of dirty political tricks, it scores somewhat cleaner than what our friends on the left did to Brett Kavanaugh.

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