The Right Takes up the Left’s Violent Protest Tactics


MINOT, N.D. — Over the last four years of the Trump presidency, how many violent protests have we seen from left-wing demonstrators?

How many private businesses vandalized?

Bystanders beaten?

Buildings “occupied” and pipelines tampered with?

This summer, as many Black Lives Matter protesters undermined their own cause against police violence by behaving violently themselves, many left-wing commentators took to excusing the violence. “Only riots, burning result in action,” wrote former Democratic-NPL Lt. Governor Lloyd Omdahl.

Just this week I broke news that Democratic-NPL party leaders have been donating money for the legal defense of a man arrested for attacking Republican Sen. John Hoeven’s office with an ax.

That’s what I’ve been thinking about as I watched the shameful spectacle of Trump supporters, with the President himself on Twitter actively inciting them, fighting with law enforcement (so much for the “back the blue” stuff) and storming the U.S. Capitol as, inside, Congress worked to certify Electoral College votes.

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