The Political Tantrum Against Masking Grows More Obnoxious


MINOT, N.D. — Two political factors led to the North Dakota House of Representatives voting yesterday to ban mask mandates, be they implemented by local leaders or the governor.

At least some of the proponents of House Bill 1323, including primary sponsor Rep. Jeff Hoverson of Minot, a member of the secretive band of merry goofballs called the Bastiat Caucus, believe, with the same ardor that some lunatics apply the-earth-is-flat conspiracies, that masking doesn’t reduce the spread of an airborne virus like COVID-19.

Others who supported the bill in the 50-40 vote simply don’t like Gov. Doug Burgum, given his many political clashes with the Legislature, and view this bill as retribution against him despite Burgum’s light-tough approach throughout the pandemic, generally, and his well-documented reticence to implement a mask mandate, specifically.

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