The Petty Machinations of Mobile Vulgus


MINOT, N.D. — Here in Minot, there’s a very popular local Facebook group called, cheekily, the “Minot Whiners and Complainers.”

It was, per its description, “created as a joke” because there were so many people complaining on local yard sale and news pages that a need for a new venue for Minoters (Minotians?) to “vent or complain about stuff” was needed.

The page now has over 17,000 members.

The content is about what you’d expect.

Local gossip.

Local opinions.

Mostly harmless stuff.

I say mostly because there is an element of public shaming present in the group. Sins, as varied as parking erratically or having an unkempt lawn, are routinely castigated in posts that are complete with pictures that also divulge private information such as addresses or license plate numbers.

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