The ‘Freedom Convoy’ people think they’re fighting tyranny, and that’s embarrassing


MINOT, N.D. — Imagine you’re Ukrainian.

You’ve fled your country ahead of Vladimir Putin’s missile strikes and tank columns. You have no idea if your home or career still exists. You’ve tried to gather enough resources to support you and your family on the run, but you’re down to relying on the charity of strangers to get by, and you have no idea where next week’s meals and shelter might be coming from.

Meanwhile, some of your loved ones stayed behind to courageously prosecute a guerrilla war against the invaders, risking everything to fling Molotov cocktails at armored vehicles and armed infantry.

Every once in a while, maybe you’ll get a message from one them confirming they’re still alive, and not dead or maimed.

And maybe, while you’re waiting for those messages, you’ll catch an international headline about a movement of spoiled, crybaby Americans who have the sort of free time and disposable income it takes to drive big rigs hundreds or thousands of miles to Washington, D.C., to protest the supposed tyranny of vaccination.

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