The dumbest thing about the new Disinformation Governance Board is that anyone thinks it will work


MINOT, N.D. — President Joe Biden’s administration has announced a new agency within the Department of Homeland Security aimed at combating misinformation.

It’s called the Disinformation Governance Board, or DGB, and since this idea comes from a Democratic administration, the winds of outrage it has inspired are blowing from places like Fox News where commentators have been apoplectic.

Given that the business model enterprises like Fox News utilize is rooted in keeping the outrage volume cranked to 11 all day every day, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised.

Though, I guarantee you, if the Disinformation Governance Board were a Donald Trump initiative (he’s probably kicking himself for not coming up with the idea when he had the chance), Tucker Carlson would be singing its praises from his testicle-tanning station while the New York Times editorial board, etc., etc., condemned the development with gnashed teeth and wrent garments and the sort of hyperbole that would make you think that somewhere in the bowls of the federal government some modern day Dr. Frankenstein were trying to reanimate the desiccated corpse of Joseph Goebbels.

So it goes.

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