Thanks to a Grand Forks lawmaker, I’ll be attending the Democratic-NPL convention after all


MINOT, N.D. — Earlier this week I reported that, after weeks of unanswered emails, and one call to party headquarters that ended in a hang-up before I could even speak to anyone, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL had denied my request for media credentials for its upcoming state convention in Minot.

Their excuse? “We have a limited number of press credentials due to our COVID protocols, which is why we are holding a hybrid convention,” Laura Dronen, the party’s communications director, told me in an email .

The party isn’t limiting attendance at their convention in any way. As I noted in the previous column, delegates have the option to attend remotely but are free to attend in person, and there are no limits on the tickets the party is selling for events in and around the convention.

The party denied me media credentials because they don’t want me there.

But it seems I will be there anyway. Amid the supportive emails and phone calls I’ve received since writing that column, many from Democrats, came an invitation from Rep. Mary Adams , a Democrat from Grand Forks who has served in the statehouse since she was first elected in 2018.

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