Term limits campaign sics Trump lawyer involved in 2020 election lawsuits on secretary of state


MINOT, N.D. — A constitutional amendment to implement term limits was disqualified from North Dakota’s November ballot by Secretary of State Al Jaeger after he found numerous problems with the way the signatures were collected.

Among the problems Jaeger said he found were forgeries, collection of signatures before the measure had been approved for circulation, and the unlawful payment of petition circulators.

The matter remains under investigation by the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

But, in the meantime, a lawyer hired by the ballot measure committee has fired back at Jaeger, accusing him in a blisteringly pugnacious letter of not just making mistakes of law in the disqualification of tens of thousands of signatures, but manipulating the verification process to reach that outcome.

The term limits committee is basically accusing Secretary of State Al Jaeger, and Attorney General Drew Wrigley, of election fraud.

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