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Plain Talk: Students Going to Class in a Closet?

Plain Talk: Students Going to Class in a Closet?

Williston Herald editor Jamie Kelly said he didn’t believe the stories about students in his local school district attending class in what were once closets. But then he saw it with is own eyes. The problem? The state’s funding mechanism for local school districts, combined with western North Dakota’s low population density, has created some

North Dakota Journalist Recounts Intimidation, Censorship at Hands of #NoDAPL Protesters

The Williston Herald has published an eye-opening story about the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline which provides a perspective on the #NoDAPL movement that has gone little reported. Which is surprising because what reporter Renée Jean recounts is intimidation and censorship aimed specifically at people who report the news. According to her report, journalists

Funny How Nobody Wants Rent Control When Rents Are Falling

Two years ago, in the throes of a housing shortage driven by the Bakken oil boom, the Williston Herald called for rent control in an editorial. “It has been well-established that rent control is illegal in the state of North Dakota, but it is also gaining momentum from residents and activists seeking change,” the paper wrote.

Williston Herald Calls For Rent Control In The Oil Patch

On Friday a town hall held on rising rents in Williston, ND, (central to North Dakota’s oil fields) came “to a boil” according to a report from Eric Killelea at the  Williston Herald. The issue has unfortunately been politicized. A Democrat state Senate candidate – Barbara Vondell –  has made high rents her campaign platform, and

No Blank Checks For Western North Dakota

In a show of rank parochial politicking, the Williston Herald praises Democrats for their efforts to “restore” oil impact funding to legislation after it was stripped from a bill by Senator Dwight Cook. “In Williston, we live in the most conservative corner of the state. Each of our state legislators is Republican, in the last

North Dakota Oil Counties Got Greedy, Now They're Paying For It

Senator Dwight Cook’s decision to strip a bill funding oil impacts in western North Dakota of $303 million in funding was a prudent one. It wasn’t a “no” to the funding. It was an effort to get western governments, counties and cities, to come in to the legislature and demonstrate that they actually need the

Sequester Would Have Minimal Impact On North Dakota

There’s a lot of media hype about the “sequester” spending reductions (we really shouldn’t call them cuts) and their impact, but here in North Dakota it doesn’t appear as though there will be much of an impact at all. According to this summary from the Williston Herald, we’re looking at about $33.4 million in lost