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It's Western Lawmakers Vs. Governor Dalrymple On Western Funding

It's Western Lawmakers Vs. Governor Dalrymple On Western Funding

Now that they’ve rushed through the really important legislation, lawmakers today are addressing funding for western North Dakota. Both Governor Jack Dalrymple and a group of western lawmakers have proposed funding to address oil impacts and infrastructure to be hurried through the legislature so planning for the summer construction season can begin. The western lawmakers,

Tessa Sandstrom: Oil Industry's Top Concern Is More Funding For Western North Dakota

I remember my family’s first mobile phone. It was a bag phone that had to be plugged into the cigarette lighter and a big magnetic antenna was placed on the top of the vehicle. It was archaic by today’s standards, and some would argue could hardly be considered a mobile phone, but back then, it

Legislators: Let's Increase Western Share Of Oil Revenues To 60 Percent

Western Republican Legislators and Candidates last week released a very detailed and comprehensive $800M “surge” plan to address oil producing and non-oil producing counties immediate needs. This was step one of a two part plan to address the states infrastructure needs. The surge plan is meant to quickly and efficiently get money out to all

On Television: Oil Tax Revenues Belong To All Of North Dakota

We discussed oil tax revenues and funding for oil patch needs on Chris Berg’s show on Valley News Live last night (video above). During the discussion Berg asked me about an oft-made argument about oil tax revenues, which is the idea that because they’re produced in western counties they belong in western counties. This is

This Is Why We Need More Scrutiny On Western North Dakota Spending

I often get asked why I’m so skeptical of demands for ever-increasing oil patch spending. I’ll tell you that it’s not because I don’t recognize a need for spending in the west. With a booming economy, bustling commerce and explosive population growth there’s no question that we need more of just about everything out west.

Mike Kopp: Rumors About Western North Dakota Devastation Are Exaggerated

Some say oil activity in western North Dakota, the Bakken, has ruined the scenic Badlands and Grasslands of North Dakota. Claims of devastation and destruction are not true. I believe a good heart will see the beauty, and there is plenty of beauty for a good heart to see. I’ve lived and worked in Mountrail

On Television: Western North Dakota Traffic Fatalities And BCBS CEO Gets Canned

Above is the video from my weekly “Say Anything Segment” with Chris Berg on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program. We tried something new this time. Normally I broadcast from him via Skype, but the audio isn’t great and sometimes the video locks up. So last night I connected from the KMOT studio