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Marty Riske: Western Area Water Supply Project Must Respect Property Rights

Marty Riske: Western Area Water Supply Project Must Respect Property Rights

Like many I have watched from afar as a certain project created by the State of North Dakota has been allowed to use the power of government to push local landowners around. As someone who has not been deeply involved with the controversy surrounding the Western Area Water Supply Authority (WAWSA) which has now existed

The Western Area Water Supply Mess, Or Why The Government Shouldn't Compete With The Private Sector

“A system that brings treated Missouri River water to northwestern North Dakota has experienced a significant drop in industrial water sales as activity has slowed in the oil patch,” reports the Associated Press. According to the report, “gross monthly industrial water sales through WAWS [Western Area Water Supply] have slipped from a peak of more

Guest Post: The Legislature Must Tame The WAWS Monster

In 2011, the North Dakota Legislature approved the creation of a water project commonly known as WAWS (the official name is Western Area Water Supply Authority). The concept behind WAWS was very well intended: create a rural water system that would provide infrastructure and water to communities in western North Dakota and pay for the

Why Are North Dakota Republicans Proposing A Tax On Water?

For years, Republicans have complained and called for reform of the state’s 11.5% Gross Production and Extraction Tax on oil production in the state. In the last few years, large scale efforts to “Fix the Tax” have been launched. The oil tax is what has created North Dakota massive influx of cash, and created the