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The Government Can’t Have It Both Ways in the War on Opiate Abuse

The Government Can’t Have It Both Ways in the War on Opiate Abuse

The State of North Dakota – and, separately, multiple political subdivisions of the state – are suing the pharmaceutical industry for its alleged contributions to the opioid epidemic. The politics of this are obvious. The pharmaceutical industry – like the tobacco industry, the target of a similar litigation not so long ago – is not

North Dakota’s Lawsuit Against the Opioid Industry Got Tossed and That’s Probably a Good Thing

I’m not convinced that the State of North Dakota should be successful in its lawsuit against the opioid industry. Clearly a district court judge feels the same way. Yesterday Judge James Hill of Burleigh County tossed North Dakota’s suit against Purdue Pharma. In that suit, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem accused the company of engaging in “an

Attorney General Stenehjem Disputes Treasurer Schmidt’s Claim That His Office Told Her to Continue Erroneous Oil Tax Allocations

Earlier this year it was revealed that oil tax allocations to various state funds weren’t being made properly. This was revealed during negotiations the state had with the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold reservation over a new oil tax agreement. State officials now believe revenues from the state’s share of oil taxes levied

Pro-Obamacare Lawsuit, Filed by North Dakota Democrats as a Campaign Gambit, Smacked Down by Judge

When it’s an election year in North Dakota we know at some point left wing interests will probably file some frivolous lawsuit to manufacture headlines, and that invariably these lawsuits will fail on their merits once the election is over. The most notorious example is from the 2012 cycle when the Dakota Resource Council and

Democrats Deploy Virginia Resident Byron Dorgan to Lecture North Dakotans About Obamacare

Byron Dorgan spent his last years in the United States Senate only pretending to live in North Dakota. These days he doesn’t have to pretend any more, condescending to leave his Virginia mansion and visit we peasants only when it’s time for him to lend his name recognition to some left wing cause in the

Podcast: National Journal Reporter Zach Cohen, Opioids Lawsuit

On the radio show today I spoke with Zach Cohen who is covering North Dakota’s Senate race for the National Journal. Also Cass County commissioner Chad Peterson talks about his local government’s decision to file their own lawsuit over opioids against the advice of Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. Here’s the full audio of today’s show. If

Podcast: Jon Godfread, Wayne Stenehjem, Kevin Cramer

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread joined me on the radio show today, alongside Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, to discuss Democratic attacks on Republican efforts to repeal (or have the courts overturn) Obamacare. Congressman Kevin Cramer also joined for his weekly open phones segment taking questions from callers about sanctuary cities, Obamacare, marijuana, and more.

Attorney General Stenehjem Responds to Democrats, Says Lawsuit Challenging Obamacare Is His Duty

Lately North Dakota Democrats have been trying to make a campaign issue out of a lawsuit challenging the legality of Obamacare. The suit was filed by the State of Texas, which is paying for it, and Attorney General Wayne Stenehejm joined North Dakota to the list of plaintiffs. The Democrats – most recently Senator Heidi

One of North Dakota’s Biggest Proponents of the Corporate Farming Ban May Have Inadvertently Triggered Its Demise

Back in 2016, as political extremists demonstrated violently against the Dakota Access Pipeline the owner of the historic Cannonball Ranch – through which the pipeline was constructed – found himself fed up with the situation and sold the land to the company building the pipeline. He continues to ranch there, but the pipeline company now

State of North Dakota Accuses Army Corps of “Negligent” Response to Violent #NoDAPL Protests, Seeks $38 Million With Claim

When violent mobs of political extremists descended on south central North Dakota to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline the Obama administration abdicated the responsibility to law and order. Protesters were allowed to build elaborate camps on federal land and from there launch waves of attacks on the pipeline construction and local law enforcement. The cost