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John Andrist: Executive Orders and Other Stuff

John Andrist: Executive Orders and Other Stuff

Executive orders issued by the president are mostly efforts by a sitting president to effect policy without consent of the Congress, our law making body. Poor policy. But the order to cancel the “Waters of the U.S.” executive order promulgated by President Obama’s EPA should bring a sigh of relief in North Dakota. I can’t

Army Corps Of Engineers Official Says EPA Misused And Abused Data To Justify Waters Of The U.S. Rule

This is something of a bombshell in the on-going saga over the Waters of the U.S. rule (also known a the federal government’s attempt to extend regulatory control over all land that gets wet or even might get wet). According to documents obtained by Senator Jim Inhofe, the Army Corps of Engineers is disputing the

House Passes Legislation To Prohibit Regulation Based On "Secret Science"

Back in August House Republicans, including North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer, released what they described as secret maps created by the EPA in relation to controversial Waters of the U.S. regulations. Many believe those maps represent areas (and by areas I mean pretty much the entirety of North Dakota) the EPA intends to exercise regulation