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UPDATED: Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley Dodges Media Looking To Ask Questions About Affair

UPDATED: Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley Dodges Media Looking To Ask Questions About Affair

UPDATE:¬†Per his comments below, former Governor Ed Schafer is accusing Valley News Live of “blatantly false” reporting. Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley hasn’t spoken to the media about the extramarital affair the confessed to earlier this month since the news broke, but he’s still making public appearances. He made one today in Fargo at the Big

Cringeworthy Video: Center For Immigration Studies Destroys Its Credibility

Over the last week or so (see here and here) I’ve been working to clear up a massive amount of confusion created by the Center for Immigration Studies, an anti-illegal immigration group, when they tagged North Dakota as a “sanctuary state” which doesn’t cooperate with federal detainers for illegal immigrants. CIS has claimed that North

On Television: Gay Marriage, Polygamy, And The Confederate Flag

I was happy to be a part of Chris Berg’s weekly roundtable discussion on 6:30 Point of View this evening and, much as we have all week, we’ve discussed gay marriage and the confederate flag issue. The other panelists were Scott Hennen and former state lawmaker Bette Grande. Our most heated discussion, without a doubt,

On Television: Did We Just Give The Confederate Flag A Power-Up?

We discussed two hot topics last night during my regular segment with Chris Berg on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program. First was my story about the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program which is intended to feed low-income children but is, thanks to a loophole, providing food for just about everybody. A lot

On Television: North Dakota Farmers Union And Populist Hypocrisy

I was on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program for my weekly, and always lively, discussion with Chris Berg and we hit on two topics I wrote about this week. First was the “news” this week – “Breaking News” as Forum Communications tagged it – that Rep. Randy Boehning would not be resigning.

On Television: Distrusting The Government, Except When They're Reading Our Email

I was on television last night on Chris Berg’s 6:30 Point of View Program on Valley News Live alongside John Strand from the High Plains Reader (which publishs my column every week if you’re interested) and Scott Hennen. As always, it was a great discussion. We talked about the Waters of the U.S. rule and

On Television: Early Childhood Education Or Daycare?

On my weekly segment with Chris Berg last night on 6:30 Point of View we talked about the vote on the early childhood education bill yesterday in the House. Supporters of the bill keep dressing it up as academics – and they’re winning, because the bill passed though with diminished scope – but it’s hard

On Television: Heidi Heitkamp Tries To Bully The Media Again

My segment last night with Chris Berg on Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program began with some comments from VNL reporter Bradford Arick. Arick described a phone call he got from U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s office complaining about some questions he asked during the Heitkamp-guided visit by embattled Department of Homeland Security official

Your Tax Dollars Used To Subsidized Nearly Empty Airline Flights Right Here In North Dakota

I’ve written extensively about the federal government’s Essential Air Service program, and there’s nothing¬†essential about it. It’s an anachronism from the 1970’s when the airlines were deregulated, and it’s basically subsidies for airlines to serve low-traffic rural airports. Last night Valley News Live covered the issue as well, including reports on the program here in