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ND Legislature Hall Of Shame Week 4: Rep. Al Carlson

ND Legislature Hall Of Shame Week 4: Rep. Al Carlson

This week’s Hall of Shame honoree is Rep. Al Carlson. Carlson is the sponsor of HCR3018 which would amend the state constitution to create a tuition entitlement for North Dakota students funded by the state’s Legacy Fund (which is, in turn, funded by a portion of the state’s oil extraction tax revenues). Honorable mentions for

Interview: Rep. Oversen Says University Needs Scrutiny On Tuition Increases

Rep. Kylie Oversen has introduced HB1328 which would freeze tuition at all institutions in the North Dakota University System at 2013 levels for two years. The university system, however, is questioning the legislature’s legal authority to control tuition. I interviewed Re. Oversen about her bill yesterday: It was originally reported that Rep. Oversen’s bill would

Democrat Proposes Tuition Freeze For North Dakota University System

Rep. Kylie Oversen has introduced HB1328 which would apply a two-year tuition freeze on the North Dakota University System. It would lock in place 2013 levels of tuition until June 30th 2015, and it would provide a $25 million appropriation to the university system to offset the lost revenues. Which is a little ridiculous given

Bill For Annual Legislative Session Gets Surprising Number Of Votes In ND House

Today Rep. Keith Kempenich’s bill, HB1262, to have North Dakota’s legislature meet every year instead if biannually was debated on the House floor today. And it got a surprising number of votes. It was defeated, but 30 members of the House (mostly Democrats) voted “yes.” Kempenich said he hoped to “see a lot of green

North Dakota Doesn't Need A Tuition Entitlement

America has a higher education bubble. This is undeniable. As Investor’s Business Daily writes in an editorial today, government subsidies for higher education and tuition has created a glut of college graduates for which there just isn’t enough room in the job markets. Meanwhile because of seemingly bottomless government-created demand for higher education, the cost

North Dakota Student Loan Debt Has Increased 125% At NDSU, UND

According to the Grand Forks Herald, student loan debt accumulation has increased dramatically over the last decade: In the 2010-2012 school year, undergraduate and graduate students at UND and North Dakota State University borrowed an average of $7,855 in a year, according to the university system report released Friday. That’s up 125 percent over the

Researchers Find "Minimal Relationship" Between Higher Ed Spending And Quality Of Education

Something to keep in mind the next time you hear a politician, or a higher education bureaucrat, talking about what we get in return for all of our “investment” in higher education. Everyone knows there’s a reason the most expensive colleges in the country — generally private residential institutions — charge so much. The money

Video: Discussing Higher Education On Valley News Live

Chris Berg was kind enough to ask me on again as a guest on his Point of View program on Valley News Live in Fargo. Here’s the clip from my segment: I’m glad that the run-away costs of higher education, both to taxpayers and students, are getting some real scrutiny but we need to go

College Tuition Has Increased 1,135% Since 1978

If you track any cost increase over the course of several decades you’re going to get a large percentage increase. Prices inflate. So hearing that college tuition has increased 1,135% since 1978 might not immediately seem alarming, until you put that cost increase side-by-side with other costs in the economy. And then you begin to

NDSU Backtracks On Partnership With Planned Parenthood

Alternate headline: University President Suddenly Very Deferential When Legislature Is In Session NDSU President Dean Bresciani was on the Scott Hennen Show today and was asked about his institution’s legally dubious decision to partner with far-left abortion mill mogols Planned Parenthood for sex education. The legislature had already turned down the federal funds in question