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Senate Votes To Create $400 Million Tuition Subsidy

Senate Votes To Create $400 Million Tuition Subsidy

Higher education has been the subject of much debate in North Dakota. Currently the state’s university presidents are in the process of trying to push out a reform-minded Chancellor who wants to raise academic and admissions standards in the state. And for good reason, because the state’s remediation and graduation rates are atrocious. The university

Not Sequestered: Defense Department Signs Contract For $146 Flashlights

Yesterday tuition assistance for members of the military was cut off with officials blaming the sequester spending reductions. Many, including myself, questioned the move arguing that there was surely lower-priority spending than that to cut. And, as proof, comes news that just five days ago the Department of Defense awarded a contact worth $331,000 to

Sequestered: Military Pulls Funding For Tuition Stipends

A reader sends along the email below which was sent out to Air Force members earlier today. As you can see, it cancels tuition assistance. It was clear that the Obama administration was going to work to make the sequester as painful as possible, and this is another example. Meanwhile, the federal government has advertised

ND Legislator Wants To Create A Nearly Half-Billion College Tuition Entitlement

In the 2007 legislative session, state Senator Tony Grindberg proposed a bill that would have had state taxpayers paying directly for the tuition of college students coming out of the state’s public school system. The students who have had to meet certain basic requirements, but it would have meant that most college-bound students would have

The Average ND Student Pays $1,100 Year For Textbooks

Today the state Senate considered two resolutions – HCR3009 and HCR3013 calling for study into the use of open textbooks. The idea is that moving to open textbooks would lower the cost of books for students. And the price is pretty outrageous. Senator Larry Luick, in carrying one of the resolutions to the floor, noted

ND Senate Pumps A Little More Air Into The Higher Ed Bubble

One of the biggest mistakes we’ve made as a nation is assuming that subsidizing tuition – be it through low-interest, government-backed loans or grants and scholarships – would help make higher education more affordable. That’s not the case. The more money the government makes available to subsidize tuition, the higher tuition goes. So what the

Two Year Tuition Freeze For North Dakota Universities Voted Down

“I think you’ve almost guaranteed yourself a [tuition] freeze,” said Rep. Bob Martinson back in 2011 during a committee hearing in which legislators chastised North Dakota State University for a massive 8.8% tuition hike that went well beyond the guidelines legislators had set in the budget. Today the North Dakota House had a chance to

Higher Ed's Problem: They Keep Charging More For Something Worth Less

College degrees are declining in value, but you don’t have to take this conservative critic of higher education’s word for it. Here’s a chart from the Progressive Policy Institute showing income levels for Americans age 25 – 34 with a college degree. Note that the downward trend begins well before the 2009 economic collapse and

No More Second Chances For The North Dakota University System

In declaring the controversy over an office in the new North Dakota University System IT building over, the Grand Forks Herald’s editorial board hopes the NDUS “makes the most of its second chance.” Here’s a question: How many second chances are we going to give the university system? They got a second chance after ordering

Are $10,000 Degrees The Answer To The Higher Education Bubble?

The cost of a degree has exploded over the last several decades, growing faster than even problem areas like the cost of medical care. Student loan debt, as a result, has also ballooned even as the value of a four-year degree has flat lined. Obviously, we’re doing something very wrong with the way we do