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Kevin Cramer: Defending Americans From The EPA

Kevin Cramer: Defending Americans From The EPA

This op/ed was submitted by North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plunges headlong into remaking the very fabric of American electricity generation, it is reassuring to know voices of reason continue to challenge the Agency’s reckless plans. Later this summer, EPA is expected to issue its Final Rule for regulating

North Dakota Isn't Going To Be A Pressure Relief Valve For Minnesota's Green Energy Mandate

Government energy mandates are bad policy. They’re the product of politicians trying to impose their ideology on the real world, and they force energy companies to shift to energy sources like wind and solar which are more expensive and less reliable than fossil fuels. A recent example is Xcel Energy’s request for a rate hike

North Dakota To Minnesota: Pay For Your Own Green Energy Mandate

Skirmeshes over energy policy between North Dakota and Minnesota are nothing new. North Dakota, in fact, has sued Minnesota over green energy policy that precludes importing coal-fired power from North Dakota, something the western state feels violates the interstate commerce clause. Now the North Dakota Public Service Commission has entered the fray, refusing to allow

First-Time Republican PSC Candidate Raises Nearly $80k In First Reporting Period

If Democrats thought there might be a couple of chinks in the “armor” of the all-incumbent Republican statewide ticket, given that there are a couple of first-timers on the ballot this time around, they should think again. At least in terms of fundraising, the newbies are proving to be on their game. As you can see