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UPDATED: With Incumbent Kelly Schmidt Retiring, Fargo Republican Says He’s Interested in Running for State Treasurer

UPDATED: With Incumbent Kelly Schmidt Retiring, Fargo Republican Says He’s Interested in Running for State Treasurer

North Dakota Treasurer Kelly Schmidt, a Republican, has announced she won’t seek a fifth four-year term in office during the 2020 election cycle. “This is not something I have taken lightly,” she told Bismarck Tribune reporter Jack Dura. “I have thought about it. I have prayed about it. I have visited with my family about

Lawmaker Sees No Problem Voting for Legislation Limiting Auditor’s Powers Despite Family Connection to Controversial Audit

Watch the floor debates in the North Dakota legislature long enough and you’ll eventually see a lawmaker stand up and ask to be excused from voting on an issue because of a conflict of interest. Sometimes it’s in earnest; sometimes it’s a joke. At one point in this session one wag jokingly asked to be

Podcast: MN House Candidate Dave Hughes, a Health Care Discussion, and Opposition to North Dakota’s New Tourism Logo

On the radio show today Jordan Loftis, the organizer of an open letter with more than 700 signatories asking Governor Doug Burgum to undo a “brand refresh” he announced for the state’s tourism logo, explains why so many people are upset about it. Loftis says the logo will be used in tens of millions of

Podcast: Governor Burgum Says He’s Out to “Change the Budget Process Itself”

Governor Doug Burgum and state Rep. Tom Beadle both joined Rob today to talk about the budget guidelines for the 2019 legislative session. “It just wasn’t a fully sustainable model,” Beadle said of spending in previous, boom-era legislative sessions. Burugm, meanwhile, says he’s out to “change the budget process itself.” “We don’t have a revenue

Video: Bill Prohibiting Student Participation in School Activities After Conviction/Restraining Order Passes House

You wouldn’t think that our state would need a law like the one SB2249 proposes. You’d think that, should a student be convicted of a felony or restrained by a permanent protection order, the local coaches/teachers/administrators/school board would act, at the very least, to bar that student from participation in things like sports. Not to

Legislative Committee Couldn’t Even Stomach Banning Government Discrimination Against Gays

When it comes to the issues surrounding gay rights both sides of the argument are guilty of intransigence. Those on the right who oppose things like marriage equality for homosexuals are quickly being moved to the margins of American politics. But something which has hurt the cause of gay rights are folks on the left

Video: Legislature Sides With Dentists, Defeats Bill Allowing Expanded Practice

“I urge you to trust your dentists and vote no.” That’s what Rep. Jim Kasper (R-Fargo) said at the conclusion of the floor debate in the House today over HB1256. That bill, introduced by Rep. Bill Devlin (R-Finley), would have allowed for expanded practice in the area of dentistry. Expanded practice has become a pretty

Video: ND House Shoots Down Bill Ending Blue Laws in “Tent Revival” Floor Debate

“We’re having a damn tent revival,” one legislative observer told me of the debate today over HB1163. “Anybody who watched can safely skip church on Sunday.” At issue was North Dakota’s so-called “blue laws,” or the prohibition on Sunday morning openings. Currently stores can’t open before noon on Sundays. This legislation would have repealed that

House Votes Down Bill Which Would Have Made Lawmaker Record Requests Public

Over the last several years the North Dakota University System been plagued with scandal and controversy, a lot of it owing to things revealed by way of records requests with some of those requests originating with lawmakers. In response to that problem the university system – through their employee, bill sponsor Senator Tim Flakoll of

North Dakota Democrats Introduce Bill Banning Discrimination Against Gay/Transgendered

A bill to make discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity is before the North Dakota legislature again. The bill is SB2279, introduced by Senator Carolyn Nelson. It appears to be a duplicate of SB2252 from the 2013 legislative session. That bill had Republican backing in the state House from Rep.