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Podcast: Responding to McFeely, Special Assessments, North Dakota Secession

Podcast: Responding to McFeely, Special Assessments, North Dakota Secession

I took some time on the radio show today to respond to criticism Mike McFeely has thrown at me for writing too often, and too critically, of his preferred candidate for the U.S Senate. I also spoke to Fargo City commission candidate Tim Flakoll about his plan for special assessments. Current Commissioner Tony Gehrig, who

Republican Leg Candidates Say They’ve Contacted Law Enforcement Over Destroyed Campaign Signs in Fargo

In wouldn’t be election season without some stories about campaign sign chicanery, but it seems what’s going on with some signs in District 44 is particularly egregious. That district is home to a heated contest between incumbent Senator Tim Flakoll and Rep. Blair Thoreson as well as newcomer state House candidate Gail Nelson on the

Audio: Lawmaker Says Measure 2 Necessary to “Loosen up” Reserve Funds, Opponents Say Fund Will Be Raided

On my radio show yesterday I hosted a debate over Measure 2 on North Dakota’s November ballot between state Senator Tim Flakoll (R-Fargo) and Jon Martinson of the North Dakota School Boards Association. This issue is a little bit complicated – a little bit down in the weeds – but this is an important debate

Critics Worried Common Core Task Force Won't Include Opposition Voices From Legislature

You can’t always get what you want, the Rolling Stones tell us, but sometimes you get what you need. I believe that’s where the passionate and energetic opponents of Common Core find themselves heading into the 2015-2017 legislative interim. They lost a bruising battle in the legislature over bills that would have, among other things,

NDUS Chancellor Candidate Once Touted A Doctorate From A Diploma Mill

The North Dakota University System has a serious credibility problem. In addition to breaking open records and open meeting laws no fewer than 18 times since 2010, their relationship with lawmakers has detriorated to the point where many of those lawmakers simply don’t believe what university officials have to say. That’s why lawmakers feel the

House Votes Down Bill Which Would Have Made Lawmaker Record Requests Public

Over the last several years the North Dakota University System been plagued with scandal and controversy, a lot of it owing to things revealed by way of records requests with some of those requests originating with lawmakers. In response to that problem the university system – through their employee, bill sponsor Senator Tim Flakoll of

Lawmakers Make Massive Records Requests Because The Universities Can't Be Trusted

In order to make their case for SB2222, which would end anonymous requests for open records by lawmakers, the North Dakota University System has taken to leaking information about some really, really large requests of that variety. The idea is to paint the requests as unreasonable, and the lawmakers as vindictive. The university system pulled this stunt

Senator Tim Flakoll Adds Name To List Of Prospective University System Chancellors

Yesterday we got news that no fewer than 19 candidates had applied to be the next chancellor of the North Dakota University System (Board of Higher Ed members were caught on tape last year saying that current Chancellor Larry Skogen pretty much hates the job during an illegal meeting). Today comes news of a late

Video: ND Senate Passes Early Childhood Education Voucher Program

The early childhood education bill – SB2151 – which passed the state Senate today on a 33-14 vote is sort of a mixed bag. On one hand, the bills most outspoken proponents are the technocrats who seem to believe that the earlier we can stuff kids into the public education system assembly line the better