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Plain Talk: UND Economist Talks About Facebook’s New Currency

Plain Talk: UND Economist Talks About Facebook’s New Currency

On this episode of Plain Talk, University of North Dakota economist David Flynn talks about Facebook’s new currency. Is it really a currency? Or is it more of a platform for transferring money? Are cryptocurrencies safe? What do they mean for our economy? Flynn answers all of those questions and more. Also, U.S. Senator Bernie

The Bernie Sanders Plan to Eliminate Student Debt Is Hardly a Free Lunch

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. It’s an undeniable truth. Somebody always has to pay. The Bernie Sanders plan for eliminating the roughly $1.6 trillion in student loan debt some 45 million Americans are carrying is no exception to the rule. “At a Capitol Hill news conference, Sanders unveiled the plan to eliminate

North Dakota Has Seen a Significant Drop in Student Loan Debt Loads

Are North Dakota students getting smarter about how they finance higher education? It sure seems that way. The cost of attending institutions in the North Dakota University System certainly hasn’t gotten any cheaper, yet the volume of debt being carried by North Dakota students across all 11 public institutions in our state has declined. Earlier

In First TV Commercial George Sinner Says He Wrote Bill He Didn't Actually Write

Democrat George Sinner is out with his first campaign ad of the cycle (see below), and it’s kind of funny. Not quite on par with accusing your opponent of missing days in Congress when you took a vacation during the state’s Legislative session, but still. The ad touts Sinner’s background as a “small town banker”

Hamid Shirvani Isn't The Only Higher Ed Administrator With A "Golden Parachute" Contract

There’s been much griping of late about the nearly million-dollar “golden parachute” buy out embattled Chancellor Hamid Shirvani received earlier this week. “I’m writing with what some consider the eighth deadly sin, anger, at the North Dakota Higher Board of Education who hired Shirvani and agreed to pay him more than $1 million for a

The Cost Of Student Loans Must Go Up

Last month House Republicans passed legislation which would tie interest rates on student loans to US Treasury notes, with a cap at 8.5%. This would have the effect of introducing at least some element of market forces to the student loan market. Democrats in the Senate have a plan, not yet voted on, which would

Less Than 42% Of 2013 College Grads Are Male

Professor Mark Perry points out a troubling gender gap in this year’s crop of college graduates. Setting aside for a moment the fact that the higher education bubble is sending far too many kids off to college to get increasingly watered-down degrees in exchange for exploding levels of student loan debt, the fact that there’s

"It’s simply not true that all high-paying jobs require a college degree."

Back in December I posted about data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which showed that only one of the fastest-growing professions in America required a college degree. Today Forbes contributor Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry notes the same number, and suggests that the path to prosperity doesn’t have to lay through a college campus. And that jobs

North Dakota Professor Salaries Lagging According To Association Of Professors

According to the American Association of University Professors, professor pay at North Dakota’s top two universities ranks in the bottom 20% of the nation. Of course, groups such as the AAUP love to bully states into raising professor pay with these sort of “national average” statistics. Because the national average is the national average. The

Shirvani: Some University Presidents Are Part Of North Dakota's Higher Ed Problem

Chancellor Hamid Shirvani fired back a bit at some of his critics on Chris Berg’s show last night, responding to a letter from six former North Dakota university presidents. “These past presidents could be part of the problem in our system,” said Shirvani. “We don’t have a unified system.” Clearly a reference to some current