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Steve Adair Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Conservation In North Dakota, But He Has A Point

Steve Adair Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Conservation In North Dakota, But He Has A Point

If you want to spend millions upon millions of dollars on two unsuccessful conservation ballot measures – one derailed by petition fraud, the other derailed by 79 percent of the voters – while simultaneously alienating most of the people in the state where you operate, then Steve Adair is your man. The Bismarck-based director for

Rod St. Aubyn: North Dakota Transparency Laws Have No Teeth

I read an article on October 24, 2014, in the Fargo Forum about a press conference held by Steve Adair, the chairman of the Measure 5 sponsoring committee, advocating that the Secretary of State should refer a major violation of campaign laws to the Burleigh County state’s attorney for further investigation and possible prosecution.  He

Surprise: Conservation Measure Supporters Understated Cost By 75 Percent

If you were one of the North Dakotans approached by the supposedly “volunteer” signature collectors for the conservation measure (these “volunteers” were so expensive the group backing the measure spent at least $8 per signature collected), you were probably told that the measure would divert only a tiny amount of state tax revenues into a

Conservation Measure Proponents Get Laughs At Chamber Event

I’m at the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce policy summit today (I’ll be on a panel in the afternoon about state spending) and the first discussion was about the conservation measure which aims to divert 5 percent of oil extraction revenues to a fund for conservation (read: a lot of money). There were two supporters

If Conservationists Say They Didn't Use Paid Petitioners, They're Lying

Yesterday a SAB reader contacted me to say he heard a report on the radio indicating that the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks are claiming they didn’t use paid petitioners to gather signatures for a conservation measure that would divert billions in oil tax revenues to conservation projects over its lifetime. Sure

North Dakota Conservation Activists Aren't Honest About Cost Of The Ballot Measure

Conservation activists backing the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment are pretty sensitive about the cost of their measure. As they collect signatures to put it on the ballot in November, they claim that it will only divert about $150 million per biennium from oil extraction tax collections. Steve Adair – Ducks Unlimited regional boss

Jon Godfread: Conservation Measure Backers Have Flawed Assumptions

I read with great interest a recent letter from Steve Adair and Naomi Thorson about their interpretation of the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment. It included several fundamentally flawed assumptions that need to be corrected. Among them: That this is an opportunity to invest “a small percentage” of the state’s revenue into the conservation fund