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John Olsrud: When Did The EPA Become The Bad Guys?

John Olsrud: When Did The EPA Become The Bad Guys?

The Environmental Protection Agency is one of the outstanding success stories witnessed by my generation.  Created by executive order of President Richard Nixon in 1970, the agency has been successful in ways we never could have anticipated at its inception. Many of the readers of this blog are too young to know what our country

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Video: Heidi Heitkamp Only Ok With States Rights When It Comes To A Tax Increase

Yesterday Senator Ted Cruz rose in the Senate to ask for unanimous approval for HR3086, a House bill called the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act which would make permanent a moratorium on taxing internet access. Currently states cannot tax your internet access though ten states – Hawaii, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, South

Obama To Governors: "I Don't Trust You To Make Decisions In Your State"

Via Western Journalism, Texas Governor Rick Perry speaks on a panel with other governors – Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Bill Haslan of Tennessee – about a recent meeting between the National Governor’s Association and President Barack Obama. Perry didn’t like what he heard. “For the President of the United

Poll: Faith In Federal Government Hits An All-Time Low, Even Among Democrats

As is usually the case with these sort of polls, I’m a little skeptical, but according to Pew Americans – even, surprisingly, Democrats – have a low opinion of the federal government. And for Democrats, their faith in the feds has declined even under President Obama’s term in office: The percentage of Democrats expressing a

Nothing Makes Liberals Fiscally Conservative Like The Idea Of Defending States Rights

On Friday, with no small amount of drama, North Dakota’s state Senate passed two laws restricting abortion. One would prohibit an abortion after a heart beat is detected. The other would prohibit an abortion for the purposes of gender selection, or to kill off children with genetic abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome. Now that the