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Audio: Lawmaker Says Laws Need Reform, “We Need to Stop Treating Animals Like Human Beings”

Audio: Lawmaker Says Laws Need Reform, “We Need to Stop Treating Animals Like Human Beings”

Yesterday I wrote about a rancher in Stark County who is facing animal neglect charges. The case caught my eye because law enforcement officials tried to seize the man’s livestock – his very livelihood – without so much as a hearing at which he could defend himself. On my radio show I interviewed North Dakota

How Can the State Seize Property Without Due Process?

In Stark County a local rancher is faces several felony and misdemeanor charges related to the alleged mistreatment of his cattle and horses. I don’t know much about the specific facts of those charges against this gentleman. I don’t know if he has mistreated his animals or not. I can say, however, that there is something

On Television: Who Is Harmed By Stark County Recorder Objecting To Gay Marriage Licenses?

I was on television last night and our topic of discussion was the Stark County (Dickinson) recorder, Kathy Schwab, who doesn’t want to issue gay marriage licenses. I have been amazed by the blowback on social media against Schwab’s decision, particularly because nobody in Stark County is being denied a marriage license. Berg tried to

North Dakota County Recorder Doesn't Want To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

Some interesting news from Stark County (Dickinson) in western North Dakota. The county recorder there has religious objections to gay marriage and has asked the county commission to let someone else issue licenses to gay couples: The discussion topic was brought up by Stark County State’s Attorney Tom Henning, who said recorder Kathy Schwab had

Sheriff, Police Being Sued over Bungled Dickinson Arson Case

The newly elected Stark County Sheriff, along with two Dickinson Police Officers and the City of Dickinson, are being sued by a former parochial High School Principal over their handling of an arson investigation  stemming from a March 2014 fire at the school. Former Dickinson Trinity Principal Thomas Sander filed suit in federal court today

LegitSlater: Go Vote

Tomorrow is an important day in North Dakota, although many may not know; or if they do, care. Tomorrow is the primary election day in the state, and while granted the partisan party races are pretty much decided by default, many other important decisions are being made on both a statewide and local basis. The