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Despite Oil Price Worries, Jack Dalrymple Budget Expected To Set Another Record

Despite Oil Price Worries, Jack Dalrymple Budget Expected To Set Another Record

Oil is a huge part of North Dakota’s budget. Last calendar year more than half of the revenues collected by the Tax Department were direct oil tax revenues (not counting indirect impacts on things like the sales tax). So with oil prices faltering, some policy makers are worried. But Governor Jack Dalrymlpe’s office doesn’t seem

Rod St. Aubyn: For New Legislators "Swearing In" Will Be Followed By "Swearing At"

Now that the election is over, the ND Legislature will soon be meeting for their Organizational Session in early December.  As I often say, this is the time that newly elected or reelected legislators are “sworn in” which is quickly followed by being “sworn at”. Soon the individual caucuses will be selecting their “leaders” to

North Dakota K-12 Enrollment Is Up 2.35 Percent, State Spending Up Almost 200 Percent

The Legislature’s interim Education Funding committee kicked out a draft bill for K-12 education funding yesterday, and according to this report from Mike Nowtazki it would appropriate over $2 billion in the 2015-2017 biennium, a more than $400 million increase. Now, usually when voters hear education spending, the only thing they want to hear is

James Kerian: The Party Matters

North Dakota conservatives often complain that we don’t get much for the Republicans holding every office in Bismarck that is elected on the state wide ballot and a supermajority in both houses of the state legislature. Spending at the state level has grown astronomically. The crony capitalism of targeted sales and property tax exemptions has

Mike Marcil: Should North Dakota Be Following South Dakota's Lead?

At a high level North and South Dakota appear to be two states that look nearly identical. Both were admitted to the union on November 2nd 1889. Both share a similar immigration history with the majority of current residents tracing their ancestry back to German and Norwegian roots. Both have comparable GDP, household incomes and

Gov Jack Dalrymple's Budget Guidelines Calls For "Hold Even" Budgets, Observers Get A Good Chuckle

Today Governor Jack Dalrymple issued his budgeting guidelines for the 2015-2017 biennium, and he’s calling for “hold even” budgets from state agencies. I got a good laugh out of it. “Dalrymple directed agency leaders to develop a hold-even baseline budget with an option for additional resources that are essential to the needs of a growing state.,” read

After 62% State Budget Increase, Jack Dalrymple Talks Budget "Sobriety"

Sequestration was the term used for automatic budget cuts put in place by the Budget Control Act. That legislation required Congress to produce a budget, or face sequestration. Because Congress couldn’t budget, the sequestration cuts kicked in. Many claimed that they were draconian cuts (in truth, sequestration still allowed the federal budget to grow by