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Democrats May Introduce Bill to Raise Oil Tax During Special Session

Democrats May Introduce Bill to Raise Oil Tax During Special Session

On Tuesday next week North Dakota lawmakers will convene in Bismarck for a special session called earlier this month by Governor Jack Dalrymple. The proceedings will kick off with an address from Dalrymple at 9:30am, at which point he’ll apparently lay out what his specific priorities are for fixing the budget shortfall which necessitated the

Democrats Offer “Responsible Alternative” to Special Session Bill They Haven’t Even Seen Yet

The Democrats have announced that they will be announcing a “reasonable alternative” to the Republican plan for the special session Governor Jack Dalrymple called next month. That would be a “reasonable alternative” to something the Republicans haven’t even made public yet. If you needed evidence that North Dakota’s thoroughly-marginalized and mostly irrelevant Democrats are interested

Don’t Let Grandstanding Lawmakers Delay Governor’s Residence Project

The governor’s residence on the capitol grounds in Bismarck has always been a fraught political topic. For years state lawmakers, led in some ways by Rep. Jim Kasper of Fargo (who has a guest post on this topic on SAB today as well), have pushed to build a new residence. The old one has a

Governor Jack Dalrymple on Why He Didn’t Call a Special Session Sooner: “Because We Didn’t Have To”

Yesterday while sitting in for Jay Thomas on WDAY AM970 I interviewed Governor Jack Dalrymple about his announcement earlier in the week calling for a special session. The full audio is below. My first question was why he didn’t call for one earlier in the year. “Well, because we didn’t have to,” he responded. “I’ve

North Dakota Democrats Spread Wildly Inaccurate Information About Oil Tax Collections

Yesterday Governor Jack Dalrymple announced that he would be calling state lawmakers back to Bismarck for a special session to run from August 2-4. This move has prompted a lot of criticism of Republican handling of budget issues, some of it fair and some of it not so fair. One consistent talking point I’ve heard

Read the Republican Talking Points About the Upcoming Special Legislative Session

As I write this Governor Jack Dalrymple is delivering a speech at a press conference, and in that speech he’s announcing that North Dakota will have special legislative session. As I reported yesterday, lawmakers will be called back into session starting August 2nd. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers have been issued a list of talking points aimed

Lawmakers Say Governor Dalrymple Will Call for August Special Session

Below is a press release which just dropped in my inbox this morning announcing a press conference at the captiol in Bismarck tomorrow where Governor Jack Dalrymple will “provide an update regarding the state’s General Fund revenue shortfall and outline options to resolve the shortfall and balance the General Fund budget on June 30, 2017.”

Moody’s Report: North Dakota Will Emerge From Recession by the End of 2016

Has North Dakota hit the bottom of the post-oil boom economic downturn? A point from which the bleeding in terms of declining economic activity and tax revenues can begin to recover? Moody’s Analytics, which contracts with the state to do just that sort of economic forecasting, seems to think so. Though given the company’s poor track

Dalrymple Expected to Decide on Special Session Next Week After Meeting With Legislative Leaders

Given how inaccurate they’ve been in recent years state lawmakers have expressed skepticism atoday about the latest revenue forecast expected to be released next week. With revenues already falling well short of previous forecasts, resulting in across the board pending cuts, the question is how further shortfalls will be handled. The next forecast is a

Governor Dalrymple Was Right To Shoot Down Democrat Demand For A Special Session

As has become an election year tradition, North Dakota Democrats called for a special session of the Legislature to address budget issues. They’re concerned that, despite a billion dollar budget short fall brought on by declining revenues from oil and gas activity, the state is cutting too much spending. You can’t make this stuff up.