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A Payroll Tax Cut Is a Terrible Idea Without Social Security and Medicare Reform

A Payroll Tax Cut Is a Terrible Idea Without Social Security and Medicare Reform

The Trump administration is kicking around the idea of a payroll tax cut, though it’s hard to know how seriously the idea is on the scale of building a border wall to buying Greenland. “Yeah, we’re looking at various tax reductions. But I’m looking at that all the time, anyway,” President Trump told reporters earlier

Lawmakers Are Right to Cap Exemption for Social Security Benefits

In its original form, HB1174 would have allowed Social Security recipients to exempt any income from their benefits from state income taxes. Essentially the law would have allowed those taxpayers to reduce their taxable income by the amount of their benefits. But the state Senate has sought to water down the exemption. “[T]he Senate blunted

Robert Marquette: A Libertarian Fix for Social Security and Pensions

Social Security and both public and private sector pension funds are in serious trouble. The Social Security retirement program has been running deficits since 2010, and its trust funds will be empty by 2036. Unless Washington finds more revenues (a.k.a. taxes), the Old-Age and Survivors benefits offered by Social Security will be cut 23 percent

North Dakota Democrat: "Every Dollar Not Taken By The Government Will Benefit You And Your Loved Ones"

The conventional wisdom in North Dakota politics is that Democrats who want to win on the statewide ballot here have to position themselves as Republicans. Senator Heidi Heitkamp did it in 2012, barely edging Republican Rick Berg with an aggressive campaign against Barack Obama. Now it looks like Democrat Tax Commissioner candidate Jason Astrup is

Goss Column: Affordable Care Act, Social Security and Medicare Shifting Income From Young To Old

More than 25 percent of the U.S. population (including President Obama) was born between 1946 and 1964. U.S. society has made, and continues to make, economic promises to these baby boomers that must be ultimately shouldered by the nation’s youth. Not only are the 25 percenters leaving the workforce at very high rates (consuming instead

Is Social Security Racist?

Obviously, Social Security isn’t racist. But the reality of how the program works definitely puts minority groups, and younger Americans, at a disadvantage. “Social Security redistributes from Hispanics, blacks, and other people of color to whites,” reads a study from the left-leaning Urban Institute. Many may find that shocking, but the numbers don’t lie: …whites

What's The Worst That Could Happen: Obamacare Data Hub Will Centralize Your Financial, Health Care Information

With the NSA scandal in the headlines, Americans are becoming a little more sensitive about what data the government collects on us. But it’s not just the NSA that’s collecting our emails, and documenting our phone calls. Thanks to Obamacare, the federal government will soon have a massive central database containing our financial and health

Thanks To Out Of Control Pensions, Local Governments Spending More To Do Less

The right-left divide on government is between the liberal preference for high-tax, high-service government and the conservative preference for low-tax, low-service government. But thanks to out of control defined-benefit pensions, what Americans are increasingly getting is high-tax, low service government. The worst of both worlds: Local governments are spending less on public services because public

Why Is Homeland Security Using Four Times More Ammo Than The Army?

In Congress, Rep. Jason Chaffertz is trying to get to the bottom of the Department of Homeland Security’s ammunition stockpiling, and uncovers the fact that the DHS is using about 4.5 times more ammunition for training than the US Army. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Thursday asked Nick Nayak, DHS’ chief procurement officer, a question

Legislature Set To Give New State Workers Option For Defined Contribution Plans

Public pensions, nationally, are a mess and while North Dakota has escaped most of the nation’s economic problems over the last several years, pension headaches aren’t something we’ve been able to afford. Late last year the North Dakota Auditor’s office published some ugly pension numbers for the state’s Public Employees Retirement System. According to the audit, NDPERS