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NDGOP Chairman Kelly Armstrong Is Interested in U.S. House Race, Goettle Says He’s Not Making Any Decisions

NDGOP Chairman Kelly Armstrong Is Interested in U.S. House Race, Goettle Says He’s Not Making Any Decisions

Earlier today I wrote a post speculating about what the U.S. House race might look like here in North Dakota now that incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer is (all but) officially in the Senate race. For Republicans, sate Senator Tom Campbell, who had been campaigning for the U.S. Senate nomination, is on the record saying he’ll

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Shane Goettle: Criticism Of Marsy's Law Initiative Should Be Based In Fact

While I respect Mark Friese and his work as a defense attorney, he recently made a number of errant claims about what Marsy’s Law for North Dakota would do if implemented. While those of us involved with the measure expect push back from defense attorneys who represent accused criminals, that push back should at least

After Hours: Will Slow Production Affect The One Billion Dollar Oil Infrastructure Bill?

Is one billion in western infrastructure still needed with the recent oil production slowdown? Knowledgeable on many state issues in his other roles, this time Shane Goettle spoke to me Friday evening as an assistant attorney for several western ND cities in order to answer this and other infrastructure questions. Goettle set the stage on the need for infrastructure speaking to the number


Does The NDGOP Have Bookkeeping Problems?

Michal Conger published an article for the Washington Examiner a couple of days ago detailing what the headline claims is “strange spending” by the North Dakota-based “super PAC” called the Brighter Future Fund. The group was founded by Odney Advertising president Pat Finken (full disclosure: Odney sends advertising dollars to SAB), and during the 2012 cycle was

Kevin Cramer Will Seek NDGOP's Endorsement In April

In 2012 Kevin Cramer was just one of a large field of Republican House candidates – including state Rep. Bette Grande, state Rep. Kim Koppelman, Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk and former Commerce Department Director Shane Goettle – seeking to replace incumbent Rick Berg who was running a campaign for the US Senate. Every candidate